Dream Self Discovery

Self Empowerment & Personal Growth Through Inner Vision
Discover Your Inner Guide In Dreams
Learn to Read Your Dreams

With Dr. Harlene Goldschmidt, PhD

Find your unique voice and true self expression exploring your dreams.
Learn to trust your intuition and make wiser decisions by tuning into yourself.
  • Dream Self Discovery Helps Develop…
  • Dream Images As Resources For Personal Problem Solving
  • Insight As A Powerful Source Of Transformation
  • Creativity: Accessing Wellspring Of Creative Imagination
  • Freedom To Express Your Unique Vision & True Feelings
  • Managing Fears & Other Concerns Interfering With Growth
  • Clarity To Act On Hopes & Wishes

Science shows that dreams play important  roles in learning,
emotional health, creativity, memory, & personal problem solving.

Join Dr. Harlene Goldschmidt, PhD Clinical Psychologist.
Faculty of Center for Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis of NJ.
Director of Wellness Program for the NJ Dance Theater Ensemble: