Guided Imagery CD

Moving Into Meditation

Meditative techniques give us additional access to our inner experiences.  These internal experiences may be brought forth and expressed, adding richness and movement to our lives.  Guided imagery is one way to explore the interplay of movement and consciousness.  The following excerpt is from my guided imagery audio CD entitled:

“Opening Your Heart With the Diaphragm’s Dance: Transforming Yourself Through Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Body Alignment, and Breath.”

“……..Start to feel the dance of your diaphragm muscle. Feel the effects of this dance in the area of your torso. As you inhale your diaphragm muscle travels down, the contents of your belly are massaged and the entire area around your abdomen expands. Allow your belly to soften and make more room for the diaphragm to extend downward. This downward extension creates more space in your body and allows more air to reach the lowest portions of your lungs.  In your mind’s eye see your diaphragm muscle gracefully lowering down.  Visualize this movement as part of a dance that expresses a great love of life.

*****Sustain & Observe Diaphragm’s Dance*****

On your next inhalation experience your diaphragm smoothly descending, feel your belly expanding, continue inhaling sensing more breath filling your upper torso. Feel your ribcage expanding upward and outward. This upward and outward expansion of your ribs happens when the muscles between your ribs contract.  As you continue your inhalation, feel the area around your heart GROWING. Sense that your full inhalation circulates an abundance of oxygen and vitality through out your body, replenishing every cell. Inhaling, visualize the outward and upward expansion and liberation of your ribcage.The entire area of your upper torso balloons — opening your heart wide.”

*****Sustain & Observe Diaphragm’s Dance*****

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