Mind/Body Meditation Methods

Developing a meditation practice offers a practical  and profound way to care for yourself. Meditation practice cultivates physical and emotional balance and positive energy. You have greater access to a sense of vibrant health, inner peace and well-being.

Research show that daily meditation boots the immune system and has multiple effects of strengthening the body, including the nervous system. Good for anxiety, depression and lack of clarity.

There are many, many systems of meditation through out the world.  In fact, many practices go back in history over 5,000 years. My personal meditation practice has grown over 40 years. I am certified as a Qigong teacher, an ancient meditation and healing practice from China. I have developed a meditation program for professional   dancers based on my love of dance.  These various forms of meditation, and others, influence my current instruction in meditation practice.  I enjoy helping people develop a meditation practice that works well for their lives.

I have taught at the Juilliard School, Atlantic Health Medical Center, Montclair State University, New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble, and with other clinical and creative organizations. I have presented on meditation and mind/body health at national conferences and published several journal articles as well.

Please email me: DrHarleneG@gmail.com me for Zoom meditation instruction.

What is The  Method?
The  Method includes easy to learn mind/body techniques originally developed for dancers that help dancers and other performing artists enhance their performance by increasing focus, concentration, and confidence.

Breathing – focusing & centering
Relaxing – optimal flow
Aligning– safe, effective movement
Visualizing -imaging full potential
Energizing – powerful performance

These techniques may be used by anyone desiring a more relaxed and confident performance. The  method may be customized for beginners as well as individuals who have achieved high levels of mastery.

The BRAVE Method is based on the collective wisdom of several disciplines:

  • Sports psychology: Stress management, positive thinking & goal setting lead to optimal performance.  Coping with performance anxiety, developing positive thinking , enhancing imagery & SMART goal setting.
  • Applied kinesiology: Greater awareness of skeletal alignment increases ease and efficiency of movement.
  • Meditation practice: Slowing the body with gentle rhythmic breathing sharpens mental focus and encourages psychological preparation.


More about 
works as a mental warm-up before class, rehearsal or performance.Visualization and deep relaxation rejuvenates muscles and nerves.

Skeletal alignment improves motor coordination.

Mental practice reduces wear and tear on tired bodies.

Focused breathing calms the body and reduces performance anxiety.

Increased concentration boosts performers levels of confidence.

The  Method is based on proven research that achieving one’s fullest performance potential involves developing both mind and body. Over the past 30 years Olympic athletes have significantly improved their performance in competitions with these methods.

Successful Performing Artists & Other Passionate People Rely On The Power Of Imagination To Achieve Their Dreams.

Performance enhancement training is available in the following ways:

  • Individual sessions: Attention is given to a performer’s challenges and goals. A mental training program is developed that leads the way to achieving full performance potential.
  • Workshops: Performance enhancement techniques are taught to a group. Participants learn concepts and practice skills.
  • Consultation: Information is provided to teachers, directors, physical educators, and business persons who want to help others perform at their best.
  • Audio: Guided Imagery Meditation “Opening Your Heart With The Diaphragm’s Dance


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