Our long-awaited Spring!

Follow this short guided Mindfulness Moving Mediation, “Standing on the Earth.”
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*~Standing on the Earth~*

If you are able, take a moment and step outside. (Or imagine yourself outdoors). For the next several moments let your self be present. Aware.   If thoughts come into your mind, let them pass like clouds floating in the blue sky.
Let yourself root a little deeper into the ground.  See if you may soften the bottoms of your feet.
As your feet soften, sense that the muscle of your legs become a bit more relaxed. Let your knees face towards your big toes (Left knee to left big toe & right knee to right big toe). Try to soften the backs of your knees with a gentle micro bend.
In this way you may connect a little more into the ground. Rooting.

*~ Standing on the Earth ~*

There is new life awakening within the Earth. Roots everywhere have been absorbing moisture and nutrients from the soil. Are you able to sense more energy on the bottoms of your feet? Maybe a tingling, alive, awake sense as your feet continue to rest on the ground.
Are you able to sense or imagine new life beginning to grow all around you?

Take a few more minutes letting your feet and whole body release into the earth. If thoughts drift in, watch them go by. Sense what it is like to feel supported by the ground. The more you let go of tension, the more support you will receive. Inhale fully & absorb abundant energy.

 *~ Standing on the Earth ~*

Spring is finally here!
Now is a good time to renew yourself with simple standing & moving meditations.
Enhance your practice with mindfulness & energy principles.
Along with your breath & playfulness, enjoy some simple moving meditations you may take with you wherever you go…

Harlene offers her love of dance, mind/body health and healing skills as a psychologist for over 40 years.

Join her May 3, Thursday evening & jump start Yourself into Spring !

Moving Meditations

Physical Therapy Unlimited
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May 3
Thursday evening
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Cost: $30.00

RSVP: April 27, 2018, Friday
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